Nothing but Kate spade in my closet

kate spade closet

This is what i have in my closet currently:-

1)Kate Spade Green Cashmere Open V Front Cardigan

2) Kate Spade African Violet Silk-Tweed Cloey Dress

3) Kate Spade Nylon Mini Shoulder Bag

4) Kate Spade Sparkling Pointe Dina Cross

5) Kate Spade Elephant Knit Trina Jacket

6) Kate Spade Candy Apple Silk Gail Top

7) Kate spade geometric sonja dress

8)Kate spade Sophie Plaid Cape

9) Kate Spade Taxi Yellow Big Apple Mittens

10)Kate Spade Navy Blue King Steet Twill Narti Pants

11) Kate spade Stefania dress

12) Kate Sapde Caroline Sweater

13)Kate Spade Classic Noel Trench Coat Black White

14)Kate Spade Black Longsleeve Silk Reade Blouse

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